Finance & Staffing Committee



The Finance and Staffing Committee has delegated authority in the following areas:

  • The levels of school staff.
  • Financial monitoring and efficiency of the budget.
  • Approval of the Performance Management Policy.
  • Drawing up the annual and three year budget for approval by the Governing Body.
  • Exploring different expenditure options and assessing expenditure bids.
  • Forecasting likely future pupil rolls and income levels
  • Monitoring budgeted income and expenditure.
  • Monitoring and adjusting in-year expenditure levels taking into account recommendations from other committees.
  • Ensuring accounts are properly finalised at year end/reviewing outturn.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of financial decisions.
  • Ensure effective induction procedures are in place for new Staff and Governors.
  • Ensure effective pastoral care for staff.

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