King Alfred Trust – Strategic Plan 2015-2018


Strategic Ambition

King Alfred Trust is a Multi Academy Trust founded in 2014 and based in Wiltshire.We have the characteristics of great education, leadership and organisation that can be applied to bring other schools forward. In the next three years we intend to expand to three schools and with one of those schools possibly being a sponsored school. We will maintain and, where possible, enhance facilities at all schools.


 We work together to create a whole school community focussed on raising the aspirations of all, in a supportive and safe environment. We challenge everybody to achieve their full potential: socially, emotionally and academically.



    •  To value, respect and encourage all members of the school community.
    •  To provide a safe, caring and happy school.
    •  To provide experiences in a nurturing environment, where mistakes and risks are seen as positive steps to learning. 
    •  To provide a creative, dynamic curriculum allowing children to enjoy learning and achieve success.
    •  To develop talents and abilities of individuals through working independently and cooperatively.
    •  To involve all learners in the decision making of the school, enabling them to make a positive contribution now and in the future.
    •  To challenge and support learners to provide them with skills for a successful future.
    •  To develop learners’ understanding of self and others, enabling everyone to make positive, healthy choices.
    •  To promote effective working partnerships with parents, carers and the wider community.

Business Structures

We will have a collaborative culture within individual institutions and across the Trust to support successful outcomes for our pupils. To achieve this, we will:


    • Work at achieving outstanding provision in all schools
    • Centralise all schools’ business management functions to drive efficiencies and effectiveness
    • Share professional and curriculum development

Each school within the Trust will have a Local Governing Body, which is accountable to the Board of Directors. A number of committees support the work of the Trust and ensure clear lines of accountability, and in particular the Audit Committee.   The Trust will devolve authority and autonomy to Local Governing Bodies and Heads of School to a varying degree depending on an assessment of their performance.

Heads of School should have the freedom and support to lead change effectively and to innovate.  Our schools will have a stronger chance of improving where our Heads of School can focus on the core business of learning and teaching, raising standards, and achieving improved outcomes for pupils.  

We will centralise business and management to enable the focus on our core business in the schools.  We will share Finance and Payroll systems and set Pay and Appraisal Policies, supported by a Staff Performance Committee. Our business arrangements will be efficient and effective and enable the Trust to deliver on its commitments.


Adopted: 14 October 2015