Hengistbury Head


On Wednesday 17th September Y5/6 visited Hengistbury Head, situated between Bournemouth and Mudeford in Dorset. 


We visited this area of coastline as part of our topic focusing on ‘Coasts’.  Hengistbury Head offered us a wealth of dramatic geography and interesting habitats for a variety of wildlife which links in to our Science topic of ‘Living Things and Their Habitats’.  We learned about the diverse range of plants and animals living in these habitats, including, Osprey, Dunlin and Stag Beetles as well as the increasingly rare Natterjack toads and Skylarks.


Our group travelled on the land train down to the sand spit – which is a beach platform - and enjoyed taking part in a scavenger hunt. Finds included beach shells and driftwood as well as the odd Cuttlefish that had washed up on the beach.


We discussed the shape of the coastline there and about important features such as the groynes along the coast there and how they have been built to help prevent further erosion and protect the coastline.


At the Education Centre we each had a chance to pond dip to explore a habitat (making sure we stood side-on to the pond so that none of us were ‘dipped’!). We found a wide selection of animal species, including some Newts, and talked about adaptations and classifying the various creatures we found.


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