Pewsey Primary School

Mrs McIntosh


Art Leader

PE Leader

Mrs Mcintosh is one of our Year 3 teachers, she works on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, she started working at Pewsey Primary School in September 2018.


From a very early age I knew that I wanted to become a teacher. My parents were both in the profession, so it was always in my blood.

I started my career at Rowde Primary school in the Reception class and ended up teaching years four and five.

I decided to take some time out when I started a family, mainly because I discovered I was having triplets!

When my eldest began school and the triplets started pre school, I went back to teaching and started at Burbage Primary. The years quickly flew by and I remained there for fourteen years.

Now I have arrived at Pewsey I am excited to take on new challenges and look forward to meeting everyone and working with a great team.

Working part time allows me time to indulge in my hobbies. Unfortunately I do enjoy baking, so I might have to restrict myself on how many chocolate brownies I bake!