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 Welcome to Reception class. 

Teaching and learning is extremely fluid and based on the needs and interests of the children.  They have access to authentic resources to discover and explore which nurtures their inquisitive minds. The children are consistently inspired and encouraged to direct their own learning which leads to industrious, inventive and creative learners.   

Welcome to Terms 1 & 2


Our topic this term is:


During term 1 and 2 we will be using the following texts to support and drive our learning.  We will focus on our bodies, senses, emotions, families and the people who help us in our community. 

Curriculum Overview

Click here for information about our brand new phonics programme. The page will be updated regularly so please keep checking back.

You will find newsletters which tell you all about your child's learning in Phonics/ Spelling below:


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Phonics Focus 

Firm Foundations Phonics 1

Firm Foundations in Phonics 1 gives children playful daily repeated experience, exposure and enjoyment of general sound discrimination (environmental sounds, instrumental sounds and body percussion) and phonological awareness (rhythm and rhyme, alliteration and oral blending and segmenting).

In order for a child to be ready for The Basics 1, children would need to demonstrate that they are able to tune into, listen to and remember and talk about sounds.  They need to be skilled in rhythm and rhyme, alliteration and oral blending and segmenting before they start to look at the shapes of the letters on flashcards and begin their systematic, synthetic phonics journey

This phase does not come to an end and phonological awareness continues from The Basics to The Higher Levels of Phonics and into Spelling Rules and Patterns.  

Reception Class Noticeboard

Information about school lunches has been emailed to families.  If you have any queries or concerns please email [email protected] or speak to Mrs Reade on the gate. 


Reception Baseline Information


Don't Forget...

P.E. is on a Wednesday afternoon. 

Dance is on a Monday afternoon.

Yoga is on Tuesday and Thursday morning. 

25 Books to Read List

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The Rhyme Challenge 

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