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Secrets of a Sun King

Knowledge Organiser

This term we are using the book 'Secrets of a Sun King', by Emma Carroll, as a driver for our learning.  This time our History and Geography focus will be Ancient Egypt.  We will be exploring the amazing world of ancient Egypt, delving into its rulers, religion and culture.  We will also be learning about famous Egyptologists and archaeologists who helped discover Egypt's hidden treasures.  We are excited to be planning a trip to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford to reinforce our class learning and see Egyptian artifacts.

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Class Showcase: 

This Autumn term, we built shelters linked to our pre-history  learning.  To do this we had to develop our knot skills, as well as using team work and problem solving. The class worked really well together and enjoyed the practical side of shelter building as well as the evaluation discussions we had afterwards.  We think they would have survived well in the Stone Age!

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 This term we are working on the 4 times tables.

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