Pewsey Primary School

At Pewsey Primary School, we believe that home learning should either consolidate learning from the classroom, and or prepare a child for future learning or lessons.

Homework should never become a battle between the parent/ carer and child. We ask parents/ carers to let the class-teacher know if this is the case. 

All children in the school have Home Learning that they are expected to do. Although Home Learning varies between year groups, there are some things that everyone should be doing:

  • Read at home AT LEAST four times a week- click here for more information.
  • Practise any spellings that are sent home (Years 1 to 6).
  • Practise multiplication tables that are sent home (Years 2 to 6).

All children have got a Reading Challenge Booklet that they can work through at their own pace. Click here for more information.

Home Learning Grids

Years 1 to 6 have a home learning grid on their respective website pages. The grids are updated each term and are designed to give both the parents and child an overview of the expectations for the term. Hopefully, this allows families to plan their time accordingly. Home learning grids are also stuck in Home Learning Books. 

Computing and Websites at Home

We have subscriptions that the children are able to use at home to continue their learning:

Each child has been given their own individual Purple Mash username and password. Please use this to log on to the site to have full access to all of the resources. This will also allow your child to save any work they have completed. Please speak to your child's class teacher if you can not find your child's log in details (see example below).

In Years 1 to 6, we use Letter Join to teach and practise handwriting. Throughout the school, we use cursive handwriting and we have seen a very positive impact on the presentation of work since we have been doing this.

Due to the implementation of a new Phonics scheme, we are going to be using the handwriting package that runs alongside it. We are only using this with our new Reception children at present and it will feed through as these children move up the school. 

Years 1 to 6 parents and children are able to access Letter Join at home:

Click here for the website.

Username: pew           Password: sey


Early Years Home Learning

When the Reception teacher feels that the class are ready to do learning at home, they will send a letter out to parents/ carers.

Reception will have a Home Learning Journal and the teacher will set tasks for them to do.

We also encourage Reception children to share what they have been doing outside of school by putting photos, leaflets, tickets etc. in their journal along with a sentence or two to explain. It may be that a child would like to do some drawing and/ or writing about something that interests them.

As for the rest of the school, we expect Reception children to read AT LEAST four times a week at home.