Pewsey Primary School

Year 1

Welcome to Terms 5 and 6!

What a Wonderful World!

This term we are learning all about our wonderful world. We will be finding out about bees and how important they are. By the end of the term, Year 1 will be bee experts and will be able to tell you how to attract bees, and also look after them. 

In Term 6, we will be studying the artist, Andy Goldsworthy and will be making our own pieces of art on our trip to Westonbirt Aboretum.

Welcome to Terms 3 and 4!

Out of this World!

During Terms 3 and 4 we will be learning about Earth, the moon and space. We will use the three books above to drive our learning. 

We will be finding out about Neil Armstrong and his friends who landed on the moon, as well as other people who have been into space.

A big part of our learning during Terms 3 and 4 is through Art and Design Technology- we will be printing and also making moving pictures, all with a space theme.

Trip to Winchester Science Centre

Welcome to Terms 1 and 2!

Our World!

During Terms 1 and 2, we will learn all about the United Kingdom (UK). We use a variety of books to help us with our learning. 

We will be learning to use maps and globes to find the UK and countries within it. We will then find out about what it is like to live in those countries.

We learn about the capital cities of the countries within the UK and in particular, London. There are so many fascinating buildings in London and we will be finding out all about them, what they are used for, and we even make some of them as sculptures!


Trip to Legoland

Year 1 visited Legoland in October to look at Mini-Land. It was really good to see lots of the buildings and landmarks that we had been learning about in school. Mrs Kemp and Mrs Quantick were very pleased when we were able to identify and name some of the landmarks. We were lucky as we also had some time to go on the rides too!

Meet the Team



Homework is given out on a Friday and should come back on a Wednesday

Term 5 Homework Grid


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PE is on Tuesday and Friday each week



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Multi-Sensory Spelling Strategies

Our Class Padlet Page

You can access our page by scanning the QR code. You can also access it using this link: 

You will have received a password for the page from Mrs Kemp. If you lose it or forget it, please ask one of the adults from that class.



Our Class Showcase

A Curious Place.........Our Learning Environment

Our Reception and Year 1 learning environments have natural colour pallettes which makes for calmer places to learn.

We have thought very carefully about every resource that we have included in the environment and that we have put on the walls. There is a purpose to everything and these have been explained to the children.

We have tried to rid the environment of as much plastic as we can. We have replaced toys and pretend items with real ones. The theory behind this is two fold:

  • the children are far more curious about objects if they are not clear about the purpose and if they can use the object for a variety of things. This makes play and learning more open-ended.
  • the children learn to look after things much more carefully if they are fragile, delicate and/ or special. For example, they are taught how to look after china cups rather than using plastic tea-sets.

Choosing Learning

In Year 1, we continue to take part in Choosing Learning. We have the opportunity to choose what we would like to do and how we would like to learn. The adults in the class help us to find out new things and to challenge ourselves.

We have five key tasks a week that we need to do during Choosing Learning. Mrs Kemp explains the key tasks on the first day to make sure we know what we have to do and what we are learning in each task.

When we have completed a task to the best of our ability, we get a key to hang in our display area.