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Q. How will the school keep me informed about my child’s progress?


A. There are three open afternoons/ parents evenings offered over the school year to discuss your child and annual reports are sent out in term 4 which provide you with details about their attainment, progress and targets.


Q. How will the school keep me informed about issues/ problems with my child at school?


A. Staff are available every morning between 8.45am and 9.00am whilst the children are busy doing a morning activity to talk informally with you. Minor issues can also be communicated via the Home Link Book between home and school or by a phone call or email. However, a more private meeting will be requested to discuss any significant concerns. Similarly, the Head will also meet with you should there be any problems.


Q. How will I know what the school’s expectations are for my child’s progress?


A. Your child’s targets for reading, maths and English are recorded in their annual report and, from Year 1, available in their maths and English books to inform them of what they need to do next to improve their attainment. They are also shared and discussed with you at parents' evenings.


Q. Who should I talk to if I have a concern about my child in school?


A. Depending on the concern, you could talk to the Head, class teacher, SENCO or office staff. Someone on the team will be able to advise you.


Q. How will my child’s voice be heard?


A. The Head’s door is always open for children- as well as adults. We have a school council that operates to collect the views of the children. Our team offers a “worry box” to the children where they can go to ask for help and advice. Children are invited to attend meetings - where appropriate -  (ESA and annual reviews) to present their views or are supported to complete their form.

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